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Axel is a visual artist based in Dubai. He was born in French Caribbean Guadeloupe and has previously lived and worked in Paris and New York. Axel is a painter working with diverse elements of collage, calligraphic gesture, and dripped and sprayed paint. His compositions incorporate open colour block and more intricate, dense, pattern-based structures. His work is created through attention to meditative thinking, spontaneity and unconscious action; at times incorporating strong emotional impetus.

His works are an interplay between kaleidoscopic, dynamic patterns and controlled colour palettes, bringing together logic and feeling. He recognizes the importance of repetitive action within his painting, as an emotional and sensual process where he is led by, and working with, a strong compulsion to create.

Central to Axel’s vision is a deep-rooted natural inclination to manifest soulful expression, creating a visual language for a very personal, internalized experience of creative thought and cascades of human emotion. Axel is drawn to painting as a way to process experiences and ideas, seeing it as an ultimately regenerative process. He tries to retain a degree of natural and childlike, uninhibited expression, thinking of his process as a conduit for emotion and human experience.

He is inspired by his location of Dubai, a city with an extensive multi-cultural identity. Abstract Expressionism, including the dripped paint works of Jackson Pollock, and late-modernist, anti-figurative works such as those by Pierre Soulages, are reference points. Studies of art history as a child and in parallel with his university education have given the backbone of creative inspiration to life as an artist. 

Elements of his past have also been influential, for example, his use of book pages as the substrate for his paintings is a direct connection back to both the inherent communication of emotion through literature and his father’s discarded store of books. Through those works, Axel has given the books a second life.

Previous solo exhibitions : Malakoff, Maison des Arts, Malakoff, 2020; Art & Tattoo, Copains comme Cochons, Paris, 2019; and Bulle Ouverte, Le 45 Tours Paris, 2019, which has an accompanying publication. Axel’s recent group exhibitions include Rendez-vous à Saint-Briac, Galerie des petits carreaux, Saint-Briac, 2019; and Les nuits des arènes, Arènes Lutèce, 2019, Krystel Ann Art Gallery, Portugal 2021.
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